Kitchens are a workhorse of a house, with several tasks going on in the kitchen from cooking to homework; this is one space your family probably spends a lot of time in. So why not beautify it up and enhance it with kitchen curtains? Kitchen curtains will have a significant effect on the feeling of your kitchen, just like every other room.

Your favorite curtains can be quite expensive; often, you’ll hear, “Make your own.” It will save you tons of money.” But the exciting thing is that that’s true, you can make your Kitchen Curtain, and that way, you will save some money. There are lots of easy ways to create curtains without having to use a sewing machine or a needle and are an eco-friendly and even more straightforward alternative.

Whether its repurposing vintage dishtowels or napkins to make unique curtains or to embellish plain lightweight quilting fabric off the shelf, there are several ways to make your kitchen windows look fabulous.

So, to help freshen up your home and make your kitchen feel more welcoming with new impressive curtains, here are quick budget-friendly and inspiring DIY curtain ideas for kitchen curtains to get you started.

Materials needed:

  • Curtain tension rod
  • Fabric (yardage depends on your window measurements)
  • Curtain clip-on rings

Classic Cafe Curtains

Make these classic cafe curtains in a few minutes. Using an iron, press desired fabric, tea towels, scarves, then attach to a rod with ring curtain clips. A tension rod works best for this DIY project as you will have to adjust the height of the rod’s height depending on the towels’ length and width to fit the window frame.

Image12 & 2

Buffalo Check Curtains

When it comes to a country kitchen, these buffalo check curtains add perfection and beauty to your kitchen. Consider adding a set of your own check curtains to complement your kitchen perfectly.

Image 4 & 15

Floral curtains

Floral curtains are worth considering for your kitchen. For a light-colored cabinetry space, floral curtains can lend a bit of interest to your eyes while serving a purpose.

Simple Flour Sack Curtains

flour sacks are a pretty modern curtain idea that gives your kitchen a simple and yet absolutely charming look. These super-simple curtains let you control light and privacy without sacrificing style.

Gorgeous Lace Curtains

The Lace is perfect for making curtains, and these are easy to make and look like really expensive curtains when they refinished. Let go of those old boring blinds and add amazing and beautiful lace curtains to your kitchen windows.

Since curtains can act as a base for the rest of your kitchen decor. Begin with a fabric of your choice and then decide whether you want:

  • Simple Spray
  • Cafe Curtains¬†
  • Crisscross Curtains
  • Valance
  • Tier Curtains (cafe curtains with a valance)


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