Amazing Diy Dog Bed Ideas for Your Furry Friend

A furry friend is something else, Dog pets are always there when we need him, and loves us no matter what. Every pet parent would do just about anything to keep their fur-friends happy and comfortable, but when it comes down to choosing their furniture, it is sometimes challenging.

So instead of heading to the pet shop when your little dog outgrows his pup mattress, try DIY for your dog, and flip an old antique pallet crate, suitcase, or basket into a comfy and cozy repurposed bed. There are various methods for every skill level, from no-sew cushions to advanced carpentry projects. Aside from being cheap, these beds are also much better quality than many that you’ll find on store shelves.

They are also made with love, which your doggies deserve. Most of them require only minimal work, and even the ones that are a bit more complicated are still relatively easy. You love your pets. Don’t you want to give them a place of their own? From nightstand beds to no-sew cushions, I’ve found so many different ways for you to show your little doggies so much, love.

The feelings are mutual; in them, we find a comfortable peace and balance relationship, dog-love is epic. Go ahead and cast a glance at the following gallery, we have curated a selection of DIY dog bed ideas meant to encourage one to pamper his furry ally in life.

Here are super cute and incredibly inexpensive DIY dog beds that you will love.

DIY Repurposed Suitcase Dog Bed

I have seen so many items crafted from vintage suitcases, but I have to mention, I have in no way seen one turned into a dog bed. I do love the idea, although. If you have an old suitcase, transform it into a cozy spot for your pup by adding a foam cushion covered in a decorative fun fabric, as seen in this simple DIY project. This is a bed that you can have made in under an hour.

Scrap Wood Crate Dog Bed

Considering your dog’s size, you may be able to use an old wood crate as a dog bed. Take some leftover 2*4 and construct a faux vintage crate bed on casters.

Mid Century Style Dog Bed

You will love this little pet bed that’s raised on legs. Puppies will adore this, and a widespread dog cushion suits in flawlessly. You’ll build the bed from planks and then add the legs, which you may upcycle from an antique table or chair.

Pallet Dog Bed

This cute canine bed is crafted from pallet wood. Use a sander to smooth out the wood and pick out an exciting paint coloration if you want the bed to stand out.

Shabby Chic Crate Dog Bed

Here a shabby chic finish has been applied over the crate. You can modify a wooden crate and paint it to fit your design needs. By day, this might look ordinary, but it is a comfy bed that your little dog will love.

Use pillows to shape a puff-pouf dog bed

The process is rather straightforward, yet the rewards are spectacular. So, you’re going to need a pillow for that bed, or the cushion could be the bed; however, you prefer. This is a straightforward, no-sew project that you will finish in no time.

Brilliantly Rustic and Gorgeous DIY Pallet Kitchen Furniture Ideas

A kitchen is a space in which the life, as well as the health of the entire family, is connected with that space. A modern kitchen cannot be complete unless it is typically equipped with some suitable kitchen cabinets or proper wooden cupboards, the sink, and a stove area. Crafting a beautiful pallet kitchen furniture is gaining recognition everywhere in the world, so why not attempt these brilliant ideas at home?

A wood pallet slats are the most effective material that gives us the advent of limitless ideas. From recycled wooden pallets, you can easily craft any kitchen furniture, from a kitchen wall shelves to an elegant pallet cabinet that is exceptionally well equipped with the essential space for your accessories.

Why Pallet Kitchen Furniture?

We make use of pallets for kitchen furniture to make it natural and more captivating. Furniture items made with pallet ideas are an easy, cost-effective, beautiful project that’s fantastic for kitchens. You can recycle and re-shape it to meet changing trends quickly.

A house is just a building without the ornamentation of a kitchen area. If you have a gorgeous kitchen in your home and you would like to make it even more beautiful, a pallet material always seems the best choice for kitchen furniture projects. Well, here we have many captivating DIY pallet kitchen furniture plans that are made with recycled wood pallet to meet your kitchen refurbishing needs at economical rates.

Gorgeous Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Want to replace your kitchen cabinets with beautiful rustic pallet cabinets? These pallet shelves and cabinets in rustic texture are sublime-enough to bring a refreshing change in your house surroundings. This is a fantastic design for a kitchen using recycled wood pallets for the creation of pallet shelving and cabinets. In conjunction with other rustic materials, you get a look that is at once, gorgeous. In spite of increasing beauty, this pallet project will provide you great storage space in it. The rustic charm of the pallet boards is merely motivational.

Kitchen Island

Try crafting a lovely pallet cabinet to bring an attractive impression in the whole atmosphere of your kitchen. The fabulous wood pallet kitchen island is all created for the easy preparation of your food items. This pallet kitchen design is merely functional and useful for your kitchen space.

Pallet Pot Rack

Looking to free space to your kitchen by using overhead storage for your kitchen? This pallet pot rack is affixed to the top wall close to the ceiling with chains. It’s an easy, stunning project that’s perfect for small kitchens!

Appealing Kitchen Cabinet

This attractively designed pallet kitchen is all created with the attractive recycling of old pallet boards. This excellent pallet kitchen plan is supportively offering the formation of wooden cabinets and drawers that are designed with a sink on it in it.

These adorable pallet kitchen ideas are all settled with the delightful setting of pallet boards in various forms. The fabulous designing and styling of the pallet cabinets and drawers are meant to provide you excellent storage space.

Affordable Diy Wood Furniture for A Beautifull House

Buying perfectly suitable, stylish, and custom matching furniture is not only challenging to find. But it has always been expensive; you should engage in DIY wood furniture to get cost-efficient deals of your favorite furniture. One of the best things about DIY Furniture Project is creativity in taking something old and making it into something new. From improvised seating, shelving to lamps, and outdoor benches, these DIY furniture hacks are certainly astounding.

Now, it’s time to look around your home first for antique wood that can be utilized in building incredible DIY furniture projects! The DIY furniture ideas given in this collection will save you money and also leave a significant spell on the woodworking lovers as they are amazingly creative, super functional, and smartly made.

Perfect Fit Armrest Side Table

Put an end to sofa stains with an over-the-armrest side table. After constructing the frame and staining the piece to suit your living area’s decor, glue the sleek tabletop to the base. When it’s dry, scoot it over your armrest and load it up with your favorite movie night essentials.

Wood Storage Shelve

If your space needs a little excitement, take this reclaimed wood console table for a spin. Its no-fuss frame and wood slat shelves make assembly and storage easy, while casters elevate the unit to a new level of convenience and portability. For a finishing touch that oozes warmth and playfulness, consider swiping on a few coats of DIY wood stain.

X-Leg Coffee Table

Update your living room with the introduction of a modern chic center coffee table and remove the old one. Here is the simple and fashionable designed table stand with X legs that you can ideally make yourself at home and bring modern style statements in your living room spaces. It’s also capable of massive storage with the space on the bottom shelf.

DIY Wooden Bench

You can decide to make this great outdoor bench and side table in your free time. It takes only a few 2X4s to complete this perfect piece of outdoor furniture for the deck or porch. It’s pretty straightforward and straightforward and is a beautiful bench for the backyard. You don’t even need to know that much about woodworking to build it.

DIY Outdoor Couch

This outdoor couch will only cost you less than anything you can get in a furniture store. And, it’s a sturdy couch. The best part? You can ultimately build this couch in less than four hours. Once you’ve finished, add those homemade couch cushions, and you’re all set to relax in the backyard.

Simple Modern Planter with Hairpin Legs

Large planters can be expensive. This is another excellent plant stand that is probably even easier to build. You could use this indoors as well or with a variety of different pot types and sizes. This chic-looking planter won’t break the bank and requires only basic woodworking skills.

Floating Wooden Shelf

This great floating shelf has a beautiful rustic quality to it. This little floating shelf is straightforward and quick to build, hence saving you time and money. It can serve as a mantel if you don’t have one.

Bright DIY Rope Baskets for Storage

Handmade rope baskets are cute and beautiful, and they constantly have a way of adding a rustic feel to any space. These fantastic DIY baskets can be an excellent deal for storing just about anything, from kids’ toys to bathroom storage and for laundry. Crafting a wicker basket can be very tricky, and some certain skills might be required; however, practically anybody can easily make a basket using a rope. Get some rope, a colorful paint, and a glue gun, to make a love lovely rope basket in no time.

One interesting thing about a rope basket is, they’re quite quick and easy to make, and also cheap. You could make this rope baskets using numerous approaches, and you can have your basket in all kinds of sizes and styles. You can also add some fun to it by making them in several colors, too, by merely dyeing the rope. These DIY rope baskets are unique and versatile; they can serve as a great deal of storage for absolutely anything! They can be used to store blankets, wears, and accessories, and you can as well use them to make cute items.

What Type of Rope is Needed?

Use an actual thick rope for this DIY rope basket; you can get them from any home improvement store near you.

What Do You Need to Make This amazing DIY Basket from Rope?

Firstly, you will require an empty jar, and it can be in any shape and size of your choice. The empty jar serves as the mold for the rope basket. Adding aluminum foil, which is placed over the jar, will make it easier to drag the jar out of your rope basket when you get it finished.


  • Empty Jar or pail
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Hot Glue Gun

You can place your rope baskets just about anywhere to give a remarkable style and rustic feel to your space. If you would love to make a good rope basket, here are some techniques to make a cute rope basket.

Decorative Rope Baskets Storage

Following the same procedures for the above rope basket with leather handle, you can make a lovely rope basket with handles and decorating it with bright colors for a great summer feeling. To make handles for this decorative DIY rope baskets, I neglected two long sections along the top coil of the rope to gently to create handles.

Rope Basket with Leather Handle

Using a rope piping and leather to create handles, you can actually make a significant and perfect storage basket. This basket serves as ideal storage for organizing your accessories, blankets, or kid’s toys. This basket is comfortable and stylish to use, plus the handles make this rope basket a great deal. This DIY rope basket project won’t take too much time, propel yourself, and make one.
 Wrap your preferred plastic pail or jar with aluminum foil to function as the mold to your DIY rope basket.
 If necessary, use tape to secure the foil to the pail to hold it firm.
 Get a few thick cotton piping ropes; you will need approximately 15 yards to make a basket.
 Fold one end of the rope and glue it to fit.
 Wrap the rope around itself to make a flat disk, gluing it round until the coil is larger than the base of the pail.
 Place the pail on top the rope disk and begin to make the walls of your basket until it is as tall as you would love it to be.
 Finish the end. Then, hot glue the final inch to the frame of the basket to keep it in place.
 Consider adding some leather handles to make it comfy and stylish.
 Using a leather punch, punch a hole into the end of each handle to hold it firm.
 Carefully take away the pail and aluminum foil from your new rope basket.

In order to make your custom-designed storage basket, these DIY rope basket projects are ideal and straight forward.

Fresh Ideas for The Nursery – Organize For Baby

In addition to decorating your nursery, it is proper to think about how to organize everything (baby’s kits can be so challenging to keep track of).

Almost every parent struggles with getting the nursery organized; this is especially true if you are working with a small space. If you are like most, your nursery is not the largest room in the house, and little space decoration sometimes feels like a giant task to keep things uncluttered. A new baby brings a lot of new items to manage into the home; diapers, baby gear, wipes, clothing, and toys and can quickly take over a room unless all things have their own, easy to access space.

As a mother-to-be, if you plan the nursery and put some organization tips to use, you can prepare for your baby’s arrival, and you will find your chaotic day will run a little smoother and easier once he or she arrives.

Here are seven cool and lovely ideas for organizing baby’s nursery.

Under Bed Baby Crib storage

The under-bed baby storage is a baby-friendly version of the baby crib; this amazing crib offers two separate under-bed spaces for bonus storage space. With Under Bed Baby Crib storage, you will find that you can keep socks, toys, and other odds and ends organized.


Baby timeless baby storage furniture is not the only option when it comes to decorating your nursery. A buffet cabinet or anything sturdy with doors, shelves, cubby holes, and drawers are your best option. Having cabinet storage with enough space to put things, then the fewer items will end up accumulating in piles on the dresser, changing table, etc.

Baby Closet Dividers

Babies have fast growth that it can be hard for his or her wardrobe to keep up. Keep the closet organized with cute dividers. Complete baby dividers allow you to customize your organization based on baby’s age, baby’s size, season, etc.

Baskets Storage Boxes

These Cloth storage baskets are a welcome alternative to all the baby gear out there. Plus, they add a simple storage solution onto your furniture. They explicitly redesigned to fit in standard shelving units, but they don’t have to be boring. The felt animal stickers on each storage box add a pop of fun to the nursery.

Decor Shelves

Please don’t overdo it on the decor, and you can put up a few shelves and make use of wall space. There are even clean corner cabinets that don’t require any nails. Keep in mind, an abundance of things in a small space looks and feels cluttered, even if everything is nice and neat. Free up some space with Decorative wall shelves and corner shelves for nursery.

Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy is an appropriate subtle organizational tool in your nursery, presenting a space for a container of wipes, an adjoining divided phase, and a drawer for all your extra changing necessities. It works great for you to keep a stack of diapers up; another fantastic thing is that it doesn’t scream baby.

Changing Table

Arrange your changing table, so that the items that get used the most are most accessible. Does your baby squirm so much that things get knocked over? Arrange your dressing table by grouping your baby’s items all together in the drawer, and you will have fewer things to clean up, thereby allowing you to get on with your day.

General Tips

The best thing about a nursery is your baby; organize your playroom to work for you and choose timeless storage furniture. It is also essential to set up the room for comfort and convenience so that you can enjoy every baby minute.

8 Sculptural Industrial DIY Pipe Lamp Ideas To Transform Your Decor

Lighting is essential; it is the best way to set the mood for any room which you want. There are lots of innovative approaches in order to create a unique ambient.

We are going to show you modern and industrial handmade pipe lamp ideas that you are going to fall in love with at first sight. The industrial pipe lamps are the latest trends today. They are so unique, but not anyone can purchase them because the prices on them are high.

But come to think of it, would it be that difficult to make one at home yourself? And at what cost? Well, the great news is you can do it yourself without breaking your pockets. But, a note of warning, if you are not conversant with electrical applications, you may require the services of an electrician to be on a safer side. It’s always good to take precautions, no matter how safe you may think it is. Here is a straight forward way to make a custom copper pipe lamp.


For this project, you will need the following:

  • Copper plumbing pipe and joints
  • Wire with a plug and dimmer switch
  • A bottle of metal polish
  • A lamp socket that fits into the pipe loosely
  • Craft cement for gluing the socket into place
  • Tape measure
  • Pipe cutter
  • Paint
  • Knife


  1. Use a tape to measure and a knife to mark your pipe for cutting.
  2. Using a pipe cutter, cut the pipe. It’s easy to do, clamp the cutter around the pipe and keep twisting it around the pipe, thereby tightening it. Keep doing this until the pipe cuts.
  3. Drill the base pipe.
  4. Prepare the pipes: peel any sticker off the surface of the pipe and remove adhesive using “Goo Gone.” Afterward, polish the brass to get rid of dirt and marks, which leave the copper very shiny.
  5. Because it is hard to find a copper socket, a quick spray paint job will create a good match with the pipe.
  6. Assemble the copper pipe and keep threading as you go.
  7. Insert the wire in the holes you earlier drilled in the base. Keep threading the wire towards the socket.
  8. After you thread the cord through the socket, fix the wire to the screw terminals. After this, attach the upper part of the socket, locking it to the base.
  9. Glue the socket in place.
  10. Finally, add the bulb and plug your lamp.

Here are amazingly creative handmade Pipe Lamp Designs you’ll want to have immediately. There’s no way that you won’t find these ideas interesting and appealing.

The Pub Lamp

Metal Geometry Holding Three End Elements and Exuding Authenticity

Industrial Pipe Lamp

Spectacular Industrial Fixture with Unique Glass Component

Wall Lighting Fixture with Spectacular Light Bulb

Insanely Easy to Realize Industrial DIY Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

Steampunk Light

You can do it if you put your mind to it. So, are you ready to make your own copper pipe lamp? What are you waiting for? Get on the project immediately.

Awesome DIY Cat Tower – With Instructables

I so love cats, and if you are anything like me, I’m sure you do too. However, living in the city can be quite a challenge for all cat lovers. I mean, your furry friend won’t be able to venture outside unlike their counterparts in the countryside or suburban areas. Since felines love to scratch, jump, play, relax and even have long naps in an elevated or high position, you will most times find them playing on your expensive furniture and in the process damaging them.
Living with these beautiful creatures can be quite stressful if you don’t meet their instinctual needs. This is why buying a piece of cat’s furniture can be a lifesaver, and a good option is a cat tower.
Cat tower, also called cat tree, is an artificial structure built purposely for cats to play, relax and sleep on. Cat towers vary in height and complexity, depending on the preference of your cat. Some cats prefer height over comfort and vice versa. However, buying a cat tower can be quite expensive, but I have good news for you. You can make one for yourself. Below is a step by step illustration of how to build your cat tree using wood and carpeting.

Get a design plan:

A design plan helps you know what kind of structure you want to erect for your cat. In this stage, many things are put into consideration: – the available space. (It is essential to measure your available space so your structure can fit in well). Your cat’s preference based on comfort or height. Having your sketch helps you determine the materials you will need.

Get your materials:

You will need the following items.

I. Plywood for horizontal platforms
II. Cardboard, PVC pipes or dimensional lumbar for vertical support
III. Carpets for covering the wood
IV. Wood and wood screws
V. Electric stapler
VI. Hammer/ nails
VII. Wood glue
VIII. Utility knife

• Cut your materials into size using a handsaw, which is an excellent option for cutting dimensional lumber and table saw for plywood.

• In order to build the base of the tower, cut two squares of plywood to size and glue them together for extra thickness. A 60cm square is ideal for primary cat tower, however the taller the tree, the larger the base to make it firmer.

• Before adding any vertical support, it is advisable to cover the base with carpet, and the carpet should be a few inches longer than the base on all parts with the excesses folded around the edges of the plywood base and stapled in place using staple guns.

• Attach vertical support to the base of your tower with wood glue, nails or, bolts. If your cat loves to scratch, you can wrap one or more of the supports in sisal rope with each end secured with staples and placed carefully, so it doesn’t scratch your cat.

• Attach horizontal perches to the support.

• Continue with the attachment until you get your desired design according to your original plan.

And Voila! You have your beautiful cat tower ready for your adorable pet. Quite easy to do, right? Why don’t you give it a trial, you will love it?