Lighting is essential; it is the best way to set the mood for any room which you want. There are lots of innovative approaches in order to create a unique ambient.

We are going to show you modern and industrial handmade pipe lamp ideas that you are going to fall in love with at first sight. The industrial pipe lamps are the latest trends today. They are so unique, but not anyone can purchase them because the prices on them are high.

But come to think of it, would it be that difficult to make one at home yourself? And at what cost? Well, the great news is you can do it yourself without breaking your pockets. But, a note of warning, if you are not conversant with electrical applications, you may require the services of an electrician to be on a safer side. It’s always good to take precautions, no matter how safe you may think it is. Here is a straight forward way to make a custom copper pipe lamp.


For this project, you will need the following:

  • Copper plumbing pipe and joints
  • Wire with a plug and dimmer switch
  • A bottle of metal polish
  • A lamp socket that fits into the pipe loosely
  • Craft cement for gluing the socket into place
  • Tape measure
  • Pipe cutter
  • Paint
  • Knife


  1. Use a tape to measure and a knife to mark your pipe for cutting.
  2. Using a pipe cutter, cut the pipe. It’s easy to do, clamp the cutter around the pipe and keep twisting it around the pipe, thereby tightening it. Keep doing this until the pipe cuts.
  3. Drill the base pipe.
  4. Prepare the pipes: peel any sticker off the surface of the pipe and remove adhesive using “Goo Gone.” Afterward, polish the brass to get rid of dirt and marks, which leave the copper very shiny.
  5. Because it is hard to find a copper socket, a quick spray paint job will create a good match with the pipe.
  6. Assemble the copper pipe and keep threading as you go.
  7. Insert the wire in the holes you earlier drilled in the base. Keep threading the wire towards the socket.
  8. After you thread the cord through the socket, fix the wire to the screw terminals. After this, attach the upper part of the socket, locking it to the base.
  9. Glue the socket in place.
  10. Finally, add the bulb and plug your lamp.

Here are amazingly creative handmade Pipe Lamp Designs you’ll want to have immediately. There’s no way that you won’t find these ideas interesting and appealing.

The Pub Lamp

Metal Geometry Holding Three End Elements and Exuding Authenticity

Industrial Pipe Lamp

Spectacular Industrial Fixture with Unique Glass Component

Wall Lighting Fixture with Spectacular Light Bulb

Insanely Easy to Realize Industrial DIY Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

Steampunk Light

You can do it if you put your mind to it. So, are you ready to make your own copper pipe lamp? What are you waiting for? Get on the project immediately.

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