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Have you seriously looked at the price of pet beds designed for cats, lately? Let’s say a lot of them are budget-breakers. Why buy a highly-priced bed at the shop when you can easily make your DIY cat bed?

Cat owners understand that these finicky, yet fantastic pet needs a comfy space for sleeping, and especially because they sleep more than 15 hours a day. If your kitty doesn’t have a cozy bed yet, it’s high time to make one! You don’t need to shop for expensive accessories to make your kitty feel relaxed in your home.
For cat parents looking to spoil their pets, making your cat bed is easier than it seems. When it comes to creating the ideal cat bed, a wicker basket and some extra fluffy toppings are all it takes to make a DIY cat bed worthy of a cat’s affections.

Please take a peek at these five awesome DIY cat beds and try it out for yourself to make cozy cat beds!

DIY Soft Knit Cat Bed

This cat bed is similar to the crocheted; the knitted pattern is the difference here. You can opt for several yarn and colors; however, the chunky knit makes the bed stylish. If you love knitting, then this is a great and easy DIY project for you. Make one!

Mounted Wall Basket

Well, isn’t this a cozy, cute little basket bed for kitty? Mount a wicker basket on the wall with brackets and add a soft blanket, and you’ve got yourself the world’s best napping spot your kitty.

What you’ll need:

  • Wicker basket
  • Wall brackets
  • Soft blanket

DIY Hanging Wooden Basket Bed

This cat bed is a cute and creative one; it’s a hanging cat bed of a wooden basket. It looks and feels very rustic and cozy. You can make use of ropes to make it floating and fun and can also be hung freely anywhere you like; you can decide to hang it by the window to let the cat watch what’s going on there. Make it and make your kitty happy!

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden basket tray
  • Piece of thin plywood
  • Two shelving brackets
  • Jute rope

DIY Coastal Cat Bed

So cute and so beach-like! This coastal cat bed is made from a wooden crate, and if your interior is a coastal one, the cat bed should fit it. You may add more decor if you like, and don’t forget to place a soft pillow inside to make the bed more comfortable


DIY Crochet Cat Bed

This cozy cat bed is entirely crocheted; it is an excellent idea as such a bed is very comfortable and soft, isn’t it what a cat needs? The piece is placed on a stand; cats love sleeping somewhere high to control everything, but you may put it wherever your cat likes to sleep, for example, on a window sill.

If you love making things for your cats and in need of a cat bed but can’t find the one you like that isn’t crazily expensive in stores. DIY to the rescue!

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