Handmade rope baskets are cute and beautiful, and they constantly have a way of adding a rustic feel to any space. These fantastic DIY baskets can be an excellent deal for storing just about anything, from kids’ toys to bathroom storage and for laundry. Crafting a wicker basket can be very tricky, and some certain skills might be required; however, practically anybody can easily make a basket using a rope. Get some rope, a colorful paint, and a glue gun, to make a love lovely rope basket in no time.

One interesting thing about a rope basket is, they’re quite quick and easy to make, and also cheap. You could make this rope baskets using numerous approaches, and you can have your basket in all kinds of sizes and styles. You can also add some fun to it by making them in several colors, too, by merely dyeing the rope. These DIY rope baskets are unique and versatile; they can serve as a great deal of storage for absolutely anything! They can be used to store blankets, wears, and accessories, and you can as well use them to make cute items.

What Type of Rope is Needed?

Use an actual thick rope for this DIY rope basket; you can get them from any home improvement store near you.

What Do You Need to Make This amazing DIY Basket from Rope?

Firstly, you will require an empty jar, and it can be in any shape and size of your choice. The empty jar serves as the mold for the rope basket. Adding aluminum foil, which is placed over the jar, will make it easier to drag the jar out of your rope basket when you get it finished.


  • Empty Jar or pail
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Hot Glue Gun

You can place your rope baskets just about anywhere to give a remarkable style and rustic feel to your space. If you would love to make a good rope basket, here are some techniques to make a cute rope basket.

Decorative Rope Baskets Storage

Following the same procedures for the above rope basket with leather handle, you can make a lovely rope basket with handles and decorating it with bright colors for a great summer feeling. To make handles for this decorative DIY rope baskets, I neglected two long sections along the top coil of the rope to gently to create handles.

Rope Basket with Leather Handle

Using a rope piping and leather to create handles, you can actually make a significant and perfect storage basket. This basket serves as ideal storage for organizing your accessories, blankets, or kid’s toys. This basket is comfortable and stylish to use, plus the handles make this rope basket a great deal. This DIY rope basket project won’t take too much time, propel yourself, and make one.
 Wrap your preferred plastic pail or jar with aluminum foil to function as the mold to your DIY rope basket.
 If necessary, use tape to secure the foil to the pail to hold it firm.
 Get a few thick cotton piping ropes; you will need approximately 15 yards to make a basket.
 Fold one end of the rope and glue it to fit.
 Wrap the rope around itself to make a flat disk, gluing it round until the coil is larger than the base of the pail.
 Place the pail on top the rope disk and begin to make the walls of your basket until it is as tall as you would love it to be.
 Finish the end. Then, hot glue the final inch to the frame of the basket to keep it in place.
 Consider adding some leather handles to make it comfy and stylish.
 Using a leather punch, punch a hole into the end of each handle to hold it firm.
 Carefully take away the pail and aluminum foil from your new rope basket.

In order to make your custom-designed storage basket, these DIY rope basket projects are ideal and straight forward.

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