Curtains are excellent choices when it comes to infusing fashion and function in your home or space. Rustic curtains and drapes help accentuate the room. Well, do you know that you can make your rustic curtain by yourself and give your room an extra lifting? There are so many budget-friendly ways you can achieve that desired rustic look in your home.

You can make your rustic style curtain from scraps that you can find around the house. For example, sacks used to hold grains can be used for this purpose. Follow me through these steps as I reveal to you how to carry how this fun project by yourself. Follow me through these steps as I reveal to you how to carry how this fun project by yourself.

STEP 1- Get the materials needed.

STEP 2- Cut the fabrics to fit over the window panes that will be treated. Ensure also that the length is 3-4 inches longer than the window because of the creation of pocket for the curtain rod.

STEP 3 – Get your curtains prepared.

STEP 4 – Prepare to hang. In order to be able to hang, fold over the top of the curtain, about two or three inches and whip to create a pocket for the curtain rod.

STEP 5 – Hang the curtains

Hanging your curtains can be fun. You can either use an existing curtain rod or buy a new one. Better still, you can use a long stick or tree branch in the place of a curtain rod.

Explore these classic fabrics like plaid, burlap, gingham, and white linen for some rustic window treatment ideas for a farmhouse-style home or cabin. You can make many of these looks by yourself!

Burlap Cafe Curtains

With the use of a rustic burlap curtain hung cafe-style, you can obtain the look of a perfect cafe. The Burlap Cafe Curtains gives a fantastic farmhouse atmosphere for a hearty homestyle

White Linen Curtains

For a simple window treatment with significant impact, opt for gauzy linen curtains. Floor-length white curtains give windows plenty of beauty and elegance.

Plaid Curtains with Navy Plaid Drapes

We couldn’t talk about rustic window curtains without mentioning the ever-dependable plaid. Give plaid curtains a modern and rustic update in black buffalo or navy check that will quickly coordinate with other colors and stand the test of time.

Floor-Length Striped Curtains

You can’t go wrong with striped curtains, and they are timeless and flexible enough to suit a variety of styles. As with the plaid, florals, and gingham, Using a classic white, navy, or red for your rustic interiors lean nautical.

Rustic Burlap Curtains

This rustic window treatment idea is more fun and gorgeous than old-fashioned burlap curtains. Fashion your curtain out of undeniable burlap material, or as well, use printed grain, coffee material to complete the fascinating vignette.

Rustic Gingham Curtains

Gingham gives a big charming look, but far from the red and white picnic table. Look for gingham curtains in neutral tones, and nontraditional hues, such as navy or purple to add beauty to your space.

Residential Interior

For a modern window treatment that will retain a rustic feel, select your choice of fabrics. Search for Roman shades made of natural fibers. In addition to the beauty they add to your space, they’re also environmentally pleasant.

Making rustic curtains can be cheap, but don’t look down on it; the final outlook will be overwhelming. There are various low-price methods to acquire that ideal rustic look. Follow these steps for a fun and straight forward DIY rustic curtain project.

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