Amazing Diy Dog Bed Ideas for Your Furry Friend

A furry friend is something else, Dog pets are always there when we need him, and loves us no matter what. Every pet parent would do just about anything to keep their fur-friends happy and comfortable, but when it comes down to choosing their furniture, it is sometimes challenging.

So instead of heading to the pet shop when your little dog outgrows his pup mattress, try DIY for your dog, and flip an old antique pallet crate, suitcase, or basket into a comfy and cozy repurposed bed. There are various methods for every skill level, from no-sew cushions to advanced carpentry projects. Aside from being cheap, these beds are also much better quality than many that you’ll find on store shelves.

They are also made with love, which your doggies deserve. Most of them require only minimal work, and even the ones that are a bit more complicated are still relatively easy. You love your pets. Don’t you want to give them a place of their own? From nightstand beds to no-sew cushions, I’ve found so many different ways for you to show your little doggies so much, love.

The feelings are mutual; in them, we find a comfortable peace and balance relationship, dog-love is epic. Go ahead and cast a glance at the following gallery, we have curated a selection of DIY dog bed ideas meant to encourage one to pamper his furry ally in life.

Here are super cute and incredibly inexpensive DIY dog beds that you will love.

DIY Repurposed Suitcase Dog Bed

I have seen so many items crafted from vintage suitcases, but I have to mention, I have in no way seen one turned into a dog bed. I do love the idea, although. If you have an old suitcase, transform it into a cozy spot for your pup by adding a foam cushion covered in a decorative fun fabric, as seen in this simple DIY project. This is a bed that you can have made in under an hour.

Scrap Wood Crate Dog Bed

Considering your dog’s size, you may be able to use an old wood crate as a dog bed. Take some leftover 2*4 and construct a faux vintage crate bed on casters.

Mid Century Style Dog Bed

You will love this little pet bed that’s raised on legs. Puppies will adore this, and a widespread dog cushion suits in flawlessly. You’ll build the bed from planks and then add the legs, which you may upcycle from an antique table or chair.

Pallet Dog Bed

This cute canine bed is crafted from pallet wood. Use a sander to smooth out the wood and pick out an exciting paint coloration if you want the bed to stand out.

Shabby Chic Crate Dog Bed

Here a shabby chic finish has been applied over the crate. You can modify a wooden crate and paint it to fit your design needs. By day, this might look ordinary, but it is a comfy bed that your little dog will love.

Use pillows to shape a puff-pouf dog bed

The process is rather straightforward, yet the rewards are spectacular. So, you’re going to need a pillow for that bed, or the cushion could be the bed; however, you prefer. This is a straightforward, no-sew project that you will finish in no time.

Awesome DIY Cat Tower – With Instructables

I so love cats, and if you are anything like me, I’m sure you do too. However, living in the city can be quite a challenge for all cat lovers. I mean, your furry friend won’t be able to venture outside unlike their counterparts in the countryside or suburban areas. Since felines love to scratch, jump, play, relax and even have long naps in an elevated or high position, you will most times find them playing on your expensive furniture and in the process damaging them.
Living with these beautiful creatures can be quite stressful if you don’t meet their instinctual needs. This is why buying a piece of cat’s furniture can be a lifesaver, and a good option is a cat tower.
Cat tower, also called cat tree, is an artificial structure built purposely for cats to play, relax and sleep on. Cat towers vary in height and complexity, depending on the preference of your cat. Some cats prefer height over comfort and vice versa. However, buying a cat tower can be quite expensive, but I have good news for you. You can make one for yourself. Below is a step by step illustration of how to build your cat tree using wood and carpeting.

Get a design plan:

A design plan helps you know what kind of structure you want to erect for your cat. In this stage, many things are put into consideration: – the available space. (It is essential to measure your available space so your structure can fit in well). Your cat’s preference based on comfort or height. Having your sketch helps you determine the materials you will need.

Get your materials:

You will need the following items.

I. Plywood for horizontal platforms
II. Cardboard, PVC pipes or dimensional lumbar for vertical support
III. Carpets for covering the wood
IV. Wood and wood screws
V. Electric stapler
VI. Hammer/ nails
VII. Wood glue
VIII. Utility knife

• Cut your materials into size using a handsaw, which is an excellent option for cutting dimensional lumber and table saw for plywood.

• In order to build the base of the tower, cut two squares of plywood to size and glue them together for extra thickness. A 60cm square is ideal for primary cat tower, however the taller the tree, the larger the base to make it firmer.

• Before adding any vertical support, it is advisable to cover the base with carpet, and the carpet should be a few inches longer than the base on all parts with the excesses folded around the edges of the plywood base and stapled in place using staple guns.

• Attach vertical support to the base of your tower with wood glue, nails or, bolts. If your cat loves to scratch, you can wrap one or more of the supports in sisal rope with each end secured with staples and placed carefully, so it doesn’t scratch your cat.

• Attach horizontal perches to the support.

• Continue with the attachment until you get your desired design according to your original plan.

And Voila! You have your beautiful cat tower ready for your adorable pet. Quite easy to do, right? Why don’t you give it a trial, you will love it?

Cool DIY Cat House Ideas – Happiness Is Homemade

Cats are beautiful, adorable, and classy creatures, and every cat lover wants their cats to have a place they can call their own. However, buying an already made cat house can be expensive, and your cat may not like it since they are selective creatures. However, you can make one yourself rather than buying. There are tons of cat houses that are pocket-friendly, and if your cat ends up not liking it, you haven’t lost much since you spend so little on it. It is a project you can carry out with your kids, especially the part of the decoration and embellishment, which is the fun part. 

If you’re feeling intrigued by the idea of building a DIY cat house, here are a few of the very best ideas and designs that will inspire!

DIY Cat Tent House

This cat tent is superb and straight forward to make; you will need a few fabrics, a few hangers, and a bit of cardboard. As a bonus, it only takes five minutes without putting too much effort into it.

Here steps on how to build a beautiful cardboard house for your lovely cat.

Materials needed
• A large cardboard box that is large enough for your cat to fit in comfortably
• Cardboard sheet for the roof. (make sure it fits your cat house properly)
• Metal ruler
• Utility knife
• Hot glue gun
• Decorations – paints, coloured papers, crafts, ribbons, lights, etc.

• Using a knife and metal ruler, cut out the two cardboard flaps from the longer side of the box. Cut the remaining two flaps into a triangular shape; this will serve as the roof peak.

• In order to create the roof, cut the cardboard sheet and fold it in half so as to create a centre ridge. A general guideline is to ensure that the roof extends a couple of inches on all sides in order to accommodate overhang.

• With a hot glue gun, fix the roof to the house (i.e., the cardboard box)

• Craft out the doors and windows with the utility knife.

• Add your embellishments. This is the fun part of it all, and you can use whatever decoration you want in as much as your cat will love it. You have to be creative with it, and there are different fun ways to go about it. You could also design the down part of the walls with paper grass and several beautiful painted decorations and coloured paper designs. Guess what! You can add a porch light. Your cat deserves all these.

• Finally, take your cat to her new house and see how she guards her territory jealously.

Epic Cardboard Cat House

Do you like the idea of making a cardboard cat house for your feline friend? So long as you have a couple of cardboard boxes, some tape, a pair of scissors, and marker lying around, you already have everything you need to make this cat house. Customize the home of the cat in any style you like. It can be cute and girly.

DIY Wood Pallet Cat House

If you have a pet cat, but don’t have enough money to buy a cat house; arranging wood pallets makes a great pallet cat house. For these DIY wood pallet cat house project, you require a saw for cutting the pallets according to the size required. Don’t miss any tool necessary for the creation of a cat house, which includes nails, hammer, drill, and sander, etc.

This is something you can do during the weekend. Why don’t you try it with your kids this weekend? It’s going to be fun