Cats are beautiful, adorable, and classy creatures, and every cat lover wants their cats to have a place they can call their own. However, buying an already made cat house can be expensive, and your cat may not like it since they are selective creatures. However, you can make one yourself rather than buying. There are tons of cat houses that are pocket-friendly, and if your cat ends up not liking it, you haven’t lost much since you spend so little on it. It is a project you can carry out with your kids, especially the part of the decoration and embellishment, which is the fun part. 

If you’re feeling intrigued by the idea of building a DIY cat house, here are a few of the very best ideas and designs that will inspire!

DIY Cat Tent House

This cat tent is superb and straight forward to make; you will need a few fabrics, a few hangers, and a bit of cardboard. As a bonus, it only takes five minutes without putting too much effort into it.

Here steps on how to build a beautiful cardboard house for your lovely cat.

Materials needed
• A large cardboard box that is large enough for your cat to fit in comfortably
• Cardboard sheet for the roof. (make sure it fits your cat house properly)
• Metal ruler
• Utility knife
• Hot glue gun
• Decorations – paints, coloured papers, crafts, ribbons, lights, etc.

• Using a knife and metal ruler, cut out the two cardboard flaps from the longer side of the box. Cut the remaining two flaps into a triangular shape; this will serve as the roof peak.

• In order to create the roof, cut the cardboard sheet and fold it in half so as to create a centre ridge. A general guideline is to ensure that the roof extends a couple of inches on all sides in order to accommodate overhang.

• With a hot glue gun, fix the roof to the house (i.e., the cardboard box)

• Craft out the doors and windows with the utility knife.

• Add your embellishments. This is the fun part of it all, and you can use whatever decoration you want in as much as your cat will love it. You have to be creative with it, and there are different fun ways to go about it. You could also design the down part of the walls with paper grass and several beautiful painted decorations and coloured paper designs. Guess what! You can add a porch light. Your cat deserves all these.

• Finally, take your cat to her new house and see how she guards her territory jealously.

Epic Cardboard Cat House

Do you like the idea of making a cardboard cat house for your feline friend? So long as you have a couple of cardboard boxes, some tape, a pair of scissors, and marker lying around, you already have everything you need to make this cat house. Customize the home of the cat in any style you like. It can be cute and girly.

DIY Wood Pallet Cat House

If you have a pet cat, but don’t have enough money to buy a cat house; arranging wood pallets makes a great pallet cat house. For these DIY wood pallet cat house project, you require a saw for cutting the pallets according to the size required. Don’t miss any tool necessary for the creation of a cat house, which includes nails, hammer, drill, and sander, etc.

This is something you can do during the weekend. Why don’t you try it with your kids this weekend? It’s going to be fun

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