Wooden floors bring about this feeling of warmth and richness to the interior of a house; therefore, it is not surprising that wood also has a similar effect if it covers the room from the top. Because of its natural texture, you can warm up any available space with wood. Wood adds touch, color, style, beauty, and charm to a room that would ordinarily have been bare. So, do you want to spice up your space? Then pay attention because I will be teaching you how to decorate your space with wooden ceilings. All you have to do is to pay rapt attention and probably jot down the instructions.



·      Hammer

·      Construction adhesive

·      Nail guns and nails

·      Tongue and groove wood planks

·      Saw

·      Jigsaw

·      Tape measure

·      Pencil



1. Before starting up with anything, you have to first determine the position your planks will face. It is advisable you run your planks perpendicularly with your joists, with this, you will have a base to nail to every few feet. If your planks are parallel to your joists, there is a risk of your board running directly in the middle, thereby leaving nothing to be nailed upon except for the drywall ceiling, which is not a good idea because the drywall cannot carry all that weight.


2. Make your design plan and determine the number of planks you will be needing and the sizes to cut them into


3. Make your measurements and start cutting according to your design plan. In situations where you have to cut around fixtures, hold your board up, and use a pencil to mark the width of the hole and measure the depth also. Using a jigsaw, cut out the gap from the board, and if you have a hole cutter, it can be used too.


4. As soon as you have your planks cut out, you will definitely want it to be a good fit before applying glue. After thoroughly checking it out, give the back of your wood a generous coat of your construction adhesive but make sure it is not too thick near the edges


5. Find an assistant to help you install the planks because it is challenging to do alone. With one person on each end of the planks, place one of the ends to the wall so the other person can push his end up. A note of warning, don’t force the plank into place because you can mess up your drywall doing this.


6. Once you have appropriately placed the planks and you are sure it is tight to the wall on both ends, use a hammer and a piece of wood that was cut off from the planks used to hammer it into place


7. Nail your planks into place on the boards. I will recommend you use a 16 or 18-gauge nailery. However, the length of the nail is dependent on the thickness of your plank.


8. You can create added dimensions to your wooden ceiling by using strategic ceiling lighting.


If you follow all these steps, you are sure to have a revamped space looking all beautiful with its rustic charm.


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